A little about me...

My name is Clare and my photographic journey started longer ago than I care to admit. I completed my BA in Photography and Media in 2001 and went on to a career in publishing. 

After the birth of my daughter I decided to follow my dreams and open up a studio. I live in Edinburgh and just love life here. Portrait photography is where my heart lies. From Newborns to Personal Branding. The variety of work keeps me enthusiastic about all my clients and each and every job. 

Ive been told that my approach to sessions sets me apart, I prefer to take my time and make sure everybody is relaxed and ready to participate in the session (it can take a while even for my bigger clients to relax). I don't stop the session on the stroke of the hour. If I feel I will get better images by continuing for a while, then thats what I'll do. 

I'd love to capture your families memories or help you with your business. 

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